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First, the mission of sincerity 1. Short-term mission: to provide the world's best supply system for crane parts; 2. The ultimate mission: to provide the world's best supply of engineering machinery parts.

Second, sincerity to hang the core culture 1. The core culture of the company: sincere and far-reaching, and win the world 2. slogan: sincere hoisting, only willing to do better for you. Third, the belief system of sincerity 1. The employee is the first, the customer is the second, and the enterprise is the third; 2. Position determines the position; 3. The process is more important than the result, and the details determine success or failure; 4. Service is more important than sales; 5. Performance is the only value that proves the salesperson's value; 6. Actively spread positive energy and never transmit negative energy; 7. The problem is business opportunity; 8. Choice is more important than hard work, and learning is the fastest improvement; 9. Strong sense of crisis; 10. excellent companies start from the pursuit of perfection, only perfect work will make sense.

Fourth, the principle of sincere hoisting management 1. On-site management: (things)    8S management: Develop the habit of taking every little thing seriously. 2. Key theory: (select)

   28 Principles: If you want to succeed, you must always choose the key points, then eliminate the distractions and go all out.

3. thinking mode: (thinking)

   3W rule: What, why, and how (dialectical materialism) 4. Cultural management: (person)    Chinese management: managing the world with Chinese culture

Fifth, the behavior of the bottom line 1. For the company: commercial confidentiality: absolutely confidential, and never compete in different ways. 2,to the customer: respect the customer: sincere service, never quarrel. 3, to colleagues: team first: respect the old and love the young, help each other.

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Hunan Sincerity Crane Parts Co., Ltd.
The company's main product categories include: cab, control room, chassis, hydraulic valves, cylinders, booms, wire ropes, nylon products, seals, air conditioners, engines, circuits, gas lines and other accessories.
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