Hunan Zhicheng Crane Parts Co., Ltd.

The hotline: 0731-83520560
"Zoomlion Heavy Weight Cup" Hoisting Skills Competition in December 2018
In February 2019, XCMG  the "G energy big coffee" hoisting contest
In December 2018, Sany Heavy Craftsmanship World Sanhui Cup First Lifting Skills Competition
Industry Dynamics
  行 业 动 态

Hunan Zhicheng Crane Parts Co., Ltd.
The company's main product categories include: cab, control room, chassis, hydraulic valves, cylinders, booms, wire ropes, nylon products, seals, air conditioners, engines, circuits, gas lines and other accessories.
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Company Address: Quantang Industrial Park, Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province